LUMA CREATIONS are a producing company who tackle many subjects and create many shows in a variety of genres.

LITTLE EARS – A storytelling show for children with puppetry and live music. An exciting journey of discovery for a young boy.

DRUM CLASH – A meeting of Rhythms and Cultures that weave together, clashing and then joining together in an exciting melting pot of the senses. An explosion of visuals and movement presents a colourful journey of discovery that takes us from rhythms of old to an apocalyptic world, where the power of the drum raises above the ashes, and catapults us into a new world.

CALFUN – An exciting live music project performing original and traditional music from Latin America. Using a range of instruments including guitar, piano, bass, charango, cuatro, trumpet, pan-pipes, cajon, congas and bombo. CALFUN takes the audience through a journey of music and words

CANDOMBE TROUPE – performing drums and dance from across Latin America using Candombe drums, bombos and congas and presenting dances such as Cumbia, Candombe, Bomba and Guaguanco.

MOMENTOS – A powerful representation of a deeply moving story that takes you on a journey of struggle, hope, fear and determination, highlighting critical moments that changed a nation. This new theatre piece incorporated theatre, storytelling, live music, movement and multi-media.