Speke Adventure Playground

LUMA CREATIONS aims to deliver sessions in an easy and & fun way. Activities are tailored to the relevant key stage and are very proactive.

We do this through the curriculum, including culture, language, global education, geography, science, physical activities, recycling, wellbeing and the environment. We deliver programmes to primary and secondary schools, community groups/centres, the youth service, festivals, conferences and special initiatives.


Introduction to Latin American Culture: Using traditional instruments & dances we give children a chance to play, explore and experiment different sounds & movements and take them on a journey of Latin America through stories, songs, movement and images. A complete experience.

Presentations: Assemblies, year groups, parents’ evenings. We deliver an completely pro-active presentation. We share Latin America through songs, dance and images as a start of a programme or a catalyst for participation and exploration.

Dance: Experience the fun and excitement of Latin American dance with styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and other traditional dances. A stand alone session or part of a fuller programme towards performance.

St Francis de Salle School Cultural Day

Drumming: Latin America is a continent of rhythms, in this session the children will experience a wide range of carnival drum pieces performed for and by them.. A taster, a drum project, a performance, a school drum band; anything is possible.

Song: As part of the music or language curriculum, Latin American song can present the culture, the language or the musical diversity of the continent. Teaching words, melodies and the stories behind the songs and rhythms.


Rain Forest Sounds: Using traditional instruments, we provide the children with he chance to listen, experience and experiment with a range of sounds, copying animal sounds, forest and whether sounds giving them the chance to expand their vocabulary and exercise their imagination.

Latin American Arts: Using a range of traditional making techniques, styles and symbols, LUMA will work with children to produce a piece of art that involves them in Latin American cultures. Whether it is a mask, a puppet, a hanging or a sculpture; a tree of life, a flag or a head-dress this is an exciting experience. LUMA has a policy of using recycled materials wherever possible and we work with recycling and welcome projects with schools where recycling is the theme for creativity.

Storytelling: Stories that represent different aspects of Latin American culture will be brought to life. Some come from personal experiences and others are traditional folk tales and are told using puppets, musical instruments, flags, songs, movement and rhythms. The children are fully involved as they join in taking the journey with the characters, immersing themselves into the world of the storyteller.