Aiming to Inspire and Support.

To Create and Develop.

To Showcase and Collaborate.

To Engage and Consult.

Celebrating, Promoting, Producing

Latin American and Diversity Arts and Artists

LUMA CREATIONS aka OLC Productions is an Arts & Cultural Organisation promoting Latin American and Diversity Arts and Artists. The organisation produces and annual programme of events, performances, festivals and projects and is ever present in a range of national festivals and carnivals.

LUMA CREATIONS works with diverse communities and is led by a diverse team of professionals from Latin America, India and the UK with a long track record of working in professional and community settings, both locally and internationally.

LUMA CREATIONS aims to promote and celebrate Latin American and Diversity Arts & Culture, by working with a range of partners in the arts & culture community, commercial and educational sectors. We deliver festivals, large scale events artist led initiatives, workshops and arts projects.

LUMA CREATIONS links with groups from diverse backgrounds, using the arts as a focus of activity and participation; enabling appreciation and understanding of different cultures with artists, participants and audiences. OLC consistently creates a platform for artists and connects them to it’s annual programme, national and international networks and local communities, by celebrating, sharing and educating about diverse arts, artists and community; OLC aspires to enable people to link with each other and the wider community.