LUMA Creations is a cultural and arts organisation that believes in the power of diversity and that we have to act and carry the anti-racist flame at all levels; who we are, who we work with and who we represent. 

From our audiences and participants to our Board we strive to be many voices. Our team, of volunteers, staff and the board encompass the world. We are from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the UK. 

We have always been committed to an inclusive practise where we promote everyone’s voice, and we do this by our actions. We believe that we must stand against racism, not only in what we say and what we write on social media, but also in our strategy documents. We must act accordingly by supporting, advising and creating a platform for artists, arts workers, communities and partners, who are excluded because of their ethnic origins. 

A year has passed since the murder of George Floyd and the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw an international outcry for justice. We at LUMA Creations fully back Black Lives Matter and the many movements across the world for racial justice, and from our first day, 10 years ago, we have always strived to give voices to those who are too often silenced by platitudes and institutional racism.

May 2021

As the world locked down and the Live Arts & Culture industry in the UK came to a grinding halt, LUMA Creations as many other creative organisations, took the leap onto online content.

LUMA Creations’ team has been developing a series of online projects in collaboration with the likes of the University of Liverpool, Culture Liverpool, Liverpool Central Library, COoL (Creative Organisations of Liverpool) of which we are members; and arts organisations and artists from across the UK and internationally.

We have created a series of performances, programmes, documentaries, shorts and online interviews as online content including an ambitious festival, Feria Latina 2020 which so us create a week long programme of online content where we produced 40 digital programmes. 

We took our Little Ears puppet theatre show online and created a Short Film called “Journey to the Underworld”. based on a poem by Francisco Carrasco, as part of our Black History month offer and we created a series of online monologues from the book Small Island by Andrea Levy, monologues were edited by Maya Mitter. We created a series of commissions inviting artists based throughout the UK and internationally and interviewed South African, Colombian, Chilean, Zimbabwen and UK artists and cultural activists.

You can see all this work in our YouTube playlist: #BlackHistoryMonth 2020 

Developing Creative Professional Practice in Complicated Times. A FREE – face to face Training Programme for UNEMPLOYED LEARNERS (Online training if required by restrictions)


2 sessions per week

10am – 12pm


Course starts on Tuesday 20th April

For further information and to receive an application form please contact max@lumacreations.org or call 07718 001472

LUMA CREATIONS believes fervently in collaborations and partnerships and welcomes the chance to work with artists, companies, organisations, communities, localities and local government in a variety of settings. Anything is possible and everyone has potential.

We deliver a range of events, performances, projects, weekly workshops, training and consultancies.

What they say about us:

“There are a lot of groups who claim to be in touch with their roots and communities but don’t practise what they preach. LUMA Creations is one organisation that is highly linked and deliver well organised and quality projects working with the communities they represent locally and nationally. I have trust in the organisation and their team whom I have worked with for over ten years” Pax Nindi FRSA, CEO Global Carnival Centre & Vice President of the World Carnival Commission